Manages Public or Privately Owned Parking Facilities
Stop repeat offenders and collect all of the parking revenue that you’ve earned.

Parking Ticket Tracking System™ (PTTS) is a versatile, user-friendly Windows® based system can be used by government municipalities, or private entities such as colleges and universities, hospitals, corporate office complexes, parking lot owners, shopping malls, or nursing homes.

PTTS is flexible and simple to use:

  • Allows users to configure the system to meet their unique requirements and parking situations
  • Produces reports quickly, easily and efficiently
  • Password protected user access to specific sections of PTTS are easily configured
  • Automated billing feature produces bills for auto owners and lists multiple tickets and multiple license plate numbers
  • Can request owner or vehicle information from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and upload the data directly into PTTS
  • Easily report repeat offenders to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles DETER system (Drivers with Excessive Tickets Excluded from Registration). DETER prevents the offender with multiple tickets from renewing their state auto registration until parking tickets are paid in full

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