For over three decades, the Baldwin Group, Inc. (BGI) has maintained its esteemed position as a vanguard in the information technology sector, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional software solutions and unmatched customer support. BGI has been entrusted by numerous private and public entities to provide them with dependable, meticulously crafted software products and consultancy services.

BGI’s inception traces back to 1980 when it commenced operations under the name William Price & Associates, specializing in computer consulting predominantly focused on mid-range computers such as the System/34 and System/36. In 1993, the company underwent a transition in ownership and nomenclature, evolving into the Baldwin Group Inc., while steadfastly retaining its role within the mid-range computing community, subsequently earning recognition as an IBM Certified Partner. As experts in AS/400, the successor to the System/36, the personnel at Baldwin Group served diverse entities, ranging from prominent organizations like Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Bonne Bell, to smaller enterprises like Cleveland Plant and Flower.

In 1995, BGI made its entry into the domain of PC-based municipal software with the introduction of Mayor’s Court™, a comprehensive court management system tailored for Ohio’s Mayor’s Courts. This pioneering software was successfully implemented in the City of Parma Heights and the Village of Richfield in 1995 and 1996, respectively. Fast forward to the beginning of 2018, and BGI’s Mayor’s Court™ system had been adopted by more than two hundred out of approximately three hundred and ten Mayor’s Courts in the state.

In 2001, BGI unveiled MITS™ – Municipal Income Tax Solutions, a full-featured system designed to proficiently oversee local income tax collection. Presently, MITS™ serves over eighty municipalities as a vital tool for efficient tax management. Together with Mayor’s Court™ and other software applications, BGI caters to the operational needs of more than two hundred and sixty municipal clients.

The year 2010 witnessed BGI’s collaboration with Asset Management Technologies in the development and support of Labor Profit Management Software. This sophisticated, web-based application empowers business owners to assess and optimize productivity, efficiency, and labor rates effectively, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Further expanding its horizons, BGI joined forces with Global Vocabulary LLC in 2013 to jointly develop tablet applications and web-based educational resources designed to prepare individuals for standardized admission tests required for college, conservatory, and graduate school admissions. These educational materials feature a unique, multi-sensory vocabulary acquisition methodology and contextual vocabulary techniques [patent pending], combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities to enhance learning outcomes and retention.

In 2015, BGI achieved a significant milestone with the merger of Comprehensive Health Care (CHC), which brought the Health Department Information System (HDIS) software into its portfolio. HDIS stands as a premier, comprehensive, and user-friendly software program tailored for recording, tracking, and managing the daily workload of health departments. Presently, HDIS is instrumental in the operations of over one hundred and twenty health departments in Ohio and Montana.