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News August 2015

Snap 2015-06-12 at 10.45.28Reminder to MITS Clients

HB 5 Changes you need to take care of by 01/01/2016.

You MUST have a new ordinance in effect 01/01/2016 that aligns with the HB 5 changes or you cannot collect income tax.

Additionally, the make-up of the tax board of appeals is being dictated by HB 5, so this also must be reviewed and in place 01/01/16.

News March 2015

Welcome Village of Amberley

New BGI Mayor’s Court Client.  Visit Amberley for more information about them.


Congrats Village of Harveysburg!

Upgrade from Mayor’s Court Lite™  to Mayor’s Court Full™ .

We know you will love the new features.