BGI is the Leader!

Over 200 Ohio municipalities have chosen one of BGI’s Windows® based Mayor’s Court™ systems to smoothly manage cases, monies and all details associated with a mayor’s court. Whether you are running a full-blown mayor’s court or processing through a violations bureau, there is a Mayor’s Court™ version to meet your needs

Built with you in mind:

  • Easily prepare the Supreme Court Report in one step
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) reporting completed at the touch of a button

Product Comparison Chart

Mayor's Court Lite™ Mayor's Court Full™
Includes all the lite features plus...
Supreme Court Reporting

Intelligent software ‘knows’ where to place each case on the Supreme Court Report.

One-touch reporting—Print the actual report from Mayor’s Court™ AND submit it to the Supreme Court electronically

BMV ReportingAll case information can be reported to the BMV electronically
Control File Maintenance
Customize the Mayor’s Court™ software for the municipality. Master Control Files store your Municipality’s

  • Address and court info

  • Local Ordinances

  • Standard Fine Amounts

  • Security Controls - User Names/Passwords

  • entering a payment or creating a payment plan

  • Officer Badge information

  • Presiding Officer information

Payment Search Enter the criteria for the payment to find and a list of payments satisfying those criteria is retrieved.
Case Maintenance All case entry and case maintenance work from entering the initial case information to...

  • adding notes

  • transferring a case

  • amending charges

  • entering a plea/finding and assessing monies

  • entering a payment or creating a payment plan

  • adding witnesses

  • forfeiting/suspending a license

  • issuing a warrant block

  • Print your customized ticket jacket or label with the case information on it

  • Print bills

  • Print mailing labels and/or mailing envelopes

  • Post Bonds and Issue Warrants — print the actual warrant for the police department

  • Enter Continuances or Appearances — print a continuance request

  • Track Probation - including jail time, community service and credits

  • Print letters directly from the case

  • Send a case to collections

Reports A limited number of standard reports can be produced to support the daily activity including Daily/Monthly Cash Reports (does not include monthly disbursals).A multitude of standard reports are included to help manage and process statistical data.

  • Integrated and detailed end of month disbursal processing - print the completed Treasurer of State Reparations/Rotary report.

  • Integrated reporting for State mandated costs remitted for the Drug Law Enforcement Fund.

  • Cash reports by date range - cash, bonds, credits, receipts, payment plans, disbursals, and more.

  • Listing reports - officer activity, open warrants / bonds / forfeitures, presiding officer activity, dockets, disposition reports, and many more!

  • Management reports - yearly totals for comparison, both financial and court activity.

  • Audit Reports - Tracks all changes to cases and prints the details all on one report —amendments, payment adjustments, deleted bonds/warrants.

Daily Reminder An invaluable, everyday tool to locate and manage cases with open items such as warrants, forfeitures and suspensions, missed appearances, overdue payments, overdue probation, insurance compliance, and cases/probation to be reviewed.
CollectionsEnter the criteria to select cases eligible for collections and forward them to selected collection agencies either electronically or by paper. Add appropriate fees and disburse the monies to the proper agency.
Miscellaneous ReceiptsPayments not associated with a specific case, but received by the Court, can be entered into the system and tracked through the end of month disbursal process.
Customized Letters/FormsThe purchase of Mayor’s Court incudes the customization of 4 forms.
Court DayProcess your court all from one screen - all cases scheduled for a specified court day are displayed and can be selected for maintenance. Print pre- and post-court dockets in any one of the three docket formats available (or customize your own). As each case is processed it drops off the list and when court is over the defendants remaining on the list have failed to appear and can be processed in that manner.
ProbationKeep track of all types of probation requirements including community service, IDIP programs, jail time, non-reporting and others.
The following modules are available add-ons to your base Mayor’s Court™ software package.
RMS Police Records Management
Interface Module
Eliminate double-entry. Interface with other police RMS systems.
OLEIS eCitation ModuleEliminate double-entry. Interface with OLEIS and Department of Public Safety
BCI Electronic Disposition Reporting ModuleElectronically report escalating offenses.
Online Docketing & Payments ModuleAccept payments for costs/fines electronically.
Microsoft Word® TemplateCreate your own letter templates in Microsoft Word® and print them directly from Case Maintenance complete with Defendant information.
Go paperless with FileBoundBGI has partnered with GBS to offer FileBound Cloud Solution. Scan important case documents and link them directly to a case.